Challenge Grant for Lake-Cook Stewardship Project

The Illinois Audubon Society received good news  in September 2021 that its application to Illinois Clean Energy Community Foundation’s Community Challenge Grant has been accepted. The primary focus of this stewardship proposal is for the removal of invasive species and restoration with seeding and prescribed burning of the natural areas at Lake County property owned by Lake Forest Open Lands (LFOLA).

Early in 2020, the Lake-Cook Chapter of Illinois Audubon Society (IAS) became aware of the parcel and met with LFOLA staff to discuss possible volunteer stewardship opportunities at the site. A new partnership between IAS Lake-Cook Chapter and LFOLA was formed and the chapter immediately stepped in to install, monitor and maintain bluebird boxes and a purple martin system.

Volunteers initiated a breeding bird survey in the summer of 2021 and members have attended workdays that have been scheduled so far in 2021. Additional grant funds are available based on the number of hours that Lake-Cook Chapter volunteer stewards devote to restoration of the project area, as well as volunteer time spent on promoting the project on social media.