Stettner’s Silk Moth Copiopteryx Semiramis

A recent trip to Costa Rica turned up Copiopteryx semiramis, a large silk moth along the lines of our cecropia and luna moths.  This species has no common name, so there is a move to name the species “Stettner’s silk moth”.

Stettner’s silk moth, Copiopteryx semiramis is a member of the subfamily Saturniinae. It typically has a wingspan of about 10 centimeters. Its patterned brown wings act as camouflage to evade predators. It is found mainly in the rain forests of South America

There is a long history of naming species after naturalists that are held in high esteem by the community. Craig Stettner (1963 – 2018) was a much-admired faculty member at Harper College in Palatine, Illinois where the College has also dedicated the Craig Stettner Prairie on its property.

Craig ran a popular study abroad program in Costa Rica, providing students with life changes experiences personally and academically. His commitment to conservation and passion for the environment was inspiring.

This public domain image comes from the Biodiversity Heritage Library, and is available online