Take Action to Oppose Illinois SB641 – Public Financing of Trap, Neuter & Release of Feral Cats

Statement Prepared by Donnie Dann

I am asking you to contact your Illinois State Senator to oppose Senate Bill 641 (SB641). This should be done before the end of April, 2017.

SB641 authorizes taxpayer funding for a method of feral cat management called Trap, Neuter & Return (TNR). There are many flaws with this proposed law. An incomplete list includes:

  1. TNR does not work. TNR is a scientifically discredited effort to reduce the ever-expanding outdoor cat populations estimated at 60 million to 100 million and counting. You can read the scientific evidence debunking this method here.
  2. SB641 does not provide the kind of comprehensive approach to adequately address the issue in Illinois. A piecemeal approach is unlikely to solve the problem.
  3. The bill subsidizes “caretakers” of feral cat colonies. These caretakers are not required to pay licensing fees, assume ownership responsibilities or be accountable to the law’s requirements such as re-catching for re-vaccination, etc.
  4. The bill draws its funds from existing licensing fees which were originally intended specifically to help low income pet owners and seniors defray the cost of vaccinating and spaying/neutering their indoor house pets.

More information:

Illinois convened a feral cat task force. After 2 productive meetings and a request for additional time to formulate a useful policy, the task force was abandoned and the Senate committee moved forward with its bill.

Witness slips (public testimony) submitted to the Senate committee ran 3:2 against the bill, but the committee elected to move this forward to a full Senate vote.

The Illinois Audubon Society, Illinois Ornithological Society, Illinois Environmental Council, The Nature Conservancy, Sierra Club of Illinois, Openlands, Bird Conservation Network, Wildlife Society and Wildlife Veterinarians all oppose this bill.

This is an Illinois Senate Bill. Please contact your state senator immediately.  Please call, give your name, address and that you’re a constituent asking the senator to vote NO on SB 641, a bad bill.  It would be fine to leave a voice mail message.

Northern Illinois State Senators include:

  • Dan McConchie, District 26 (224) 662-4544
  • Terry Link District 30 (847) 821-1811
  • Julie Morrison 29th district (847) 945-5200
  • Melinda Bush 31st district (847) 548-5631
  • Tom Rooney 27th district (847) 776-1490
  • Laura Murphy 28th District (847) 718-1110

More information: Please contact Donnie Dann (847) 266-2222

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