Next Field Trips

Join us on our next field trip. Unless otherwise noted, there is no charge for participation. Some trips have participation limits with prior registration required and are identified as such.

Feb 11 all-day
12:00 am
16th annual Illinois Ornithological Society event. Pre-registration required. Watch the Lake Cook Audubon email or visit www.illinoisbirds.org for details.  Attendance is limited to first 150 registrants. Members of Illinois Ornithological Society get advance opportunity to[...]
Gull Frolic at Winthrop Harbor Yacht Club
Mar 26 @ 8:00 am
8:00 am
Multi-stop search for migrating waterfowl begins at Diamond Lake in Mundelein. Bring spotting scopes if you have them. Directions: From Rt. 22, take Rt. 83 north to Diamond Lake Rd., turn right, and drive ½[...]
Diamond Lake

Next Programs

Programs are held at  Heller Nature Center unless otherwise noted. All programs are open to the public and free. Membership is not required to attend. Good deal, huh?

7:00 pm
Many North American reptiles are affected by threats ranging from hunting to habitat loss. Lake Forest’s Wildlife Discovery Center will bring affected species like fox snake, Blanding’s turtle, gopher tortoise and American alligator in a[...]
Heller Nature Center
7:00 pm
Why do European Starlings look different in summer and winter? Why do first-year male Summer Tanagers and Orchard Orioles have different plumage from adults? The Field Museum’s Associate Curator of Birds John Bates will explain[...]
Heller Nature Center

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Who We Are

We are a gathering of people who enjoy watching and studying birds and wildlife. We welcome people of all ages and skills to join us on our field trips, programs and other events. Most of our monthly programs are bird-oriented, but we also address environmental and natural history topics.

The Illinois Audubon Society is the state’s oldest conservation organization that functions as a land trust to protect and enhance Illinois’ unique habitats and to educate the public about them. Organized in 1897, Illinois Audubon is not affiliated with the National Audubon Society.Injured Bird Button