Join Lake Cook Audubon

You are invited to join the Lake-Cook Chapter AND the Illinois Audubon Society. It’s cheap. It’s fun. You’ll receive good value. It’s a good thing to do. Your mom would be proud of you. Please follow the registration instructions noted below.

Membership Benefits


Other Benefits

  • Priority access to programs with participation limits (due to venue size, etc.)
  • Fellowship in Lake Cook Chapter
  • Participation in field trips & programs
  • Access to wildlife & environmental experts & organizations in Illinois

Membership Options:

  • Friend $35
  • Friend Plus $40
  • Steward $50 – $99
  • Guardian $100 – $499
  • Advocate $500 – $999
  • Benefactor $1,000 +
  • Legacy $5000 +

Membership Options Explained

  • The membership level you choose is optional.
  • $10 of your membership is returned to Lake Cook Audubon. The balance of your membership fee supports Illinois Audubon Society.
  • Membership is by household, not individual. Singles frequently join at the Friend level. Families of two or more at the Friend Plus level. Steward is the most common level of membership and reflects a higher level of support. We, of course, welcome support at the Guardian level or greater.

Member Application

You may join (or renew) your Lake Cook Audubon and Illinois Audubon Society membership by sending a check through USPS mail. Or you can join or renew online.


Please click this link. You will be taken to the Illinois Audubon website where you can complete the requested contact information and pay online securely with a credit card.

By USPS Mail

Please include your name, postal address, phone number, email address and chapter affiliation (Lake Cook Audubon)

Mail dues and contact information to:
Illinois Audubon Society
PO Box 2547
Springfield IL 62708

Please make your check payable to Illinois Audubon Society

Dues Disposition

Chapter dues pay for our biannual newsletter & schedule distribution, program costs, support of special projects and programs and operating funds for our meetings and events. Chapter revenue is supplemented by an annual bird seed sale. Donations in addition to membership fees are always welcome.

Cash accrued beyond annual expenses are disbursed strategically to bird research, education and protection. Annual contributions have ranged from $2,000 – $5,000.

Lake Cook Audubon

Lake-Cook Audubon is the oldest Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society. Locally, we conduct bird field trips in Lake & Cook County and Northeast Illinois enjoying the incredible resources of our Forest Preserves and Illinois State Parks as well as occasional access to private property and permit-only access to environmentally sensitive public lands. Lake County, Illinois is located within the migratory flyway and offers habitat ranging from the shores of Lake Michigan, scores of inland lakes, forests, tall grass savannas, bogs and wetlands. Northeast Illinois is an important stop over for many migrating species.

Lake-Cook Audubon also produces a series of free educational and informational programs addressing relevant topics and often coordinated with our field trips. These programs are usually held at the Heller Nature Center in Highland Park and are generally scheduled for the third Tuesday of each month during our program year.

As a Chapter of the Illinois Audubon Society (IAS) we influence state-wide initiatives to manage and preserve environmentally significant areas throughout the state. With the support of its members, Illinois Audubon Society has scored a number of significant successes in achieving its mission and continues to work to this end.

Illinois Audubon Society Relationship

All Lake-Cook Chapter members are also members of the state organization, the Illinois Audubon Society.  Illinois Audubon Society supports a variety of environmental and conservation projects and maintains several wildlife sanctuaries. Members also receive the quarterly magazine, Illinois Audubon.

Not the National Audubon Society

The Illinois Audubon Society is not affiliated with the National Audubon Society. Membership in the National Audubon Society does not confer member benefits to you from the Illinois Audubon Society or the Lake-Cook Chapter. The organizations have different missions and many people join both organizations. Yes, it is confusing.